iNELS is not just for home! Control system for shopping malls, hospitals, airports, offices and even for castles! It offers an excellent overview for owner!

The Solution overview and Benefits

What can I control ?

  • Lighting – Not only dimming to the required level, but also setting light scenes for every occasion. Time delay for switching on light – automatic staircase switch. Dimming various light sources including LED lamps and RGB strips.
  • Blinds – Blinds, gates and awnings can be controlled by any system controller, including applications. One advantage is setting the time control in the weekly mode. It is also possible to control blinds automatically in response to sunlight intensity.
  • Switching – You can switch on or off practically any electric appliance that is connected to the socket, an installation box or a cabinet
  • Heating – It is possible to set the temperature in each room using a single button or application. Switching units or a wireless thermovalve then regulate the heating source, which may be water, electricity or alternative sources.
  • Exit Button – Simple and intuitive controls, e.g.: LCD panels, wireless / portable switches, applications for mobile devices. Control can also be performed using predefined scenarios and sensors located in the area.
  • Video camera – It is possible to connect up to nine video cameras wirelessly and view them in smartphone applications, which can also be used to control the video cameras.
  • Detection: iNELS is ready to provide a security system using integrated line terminal equipment of other manufacturers, such as CCTV, or individual cameras, motion sensors of various types and further security sensors. The security system is coupled to the input and building reservation system. Working effectively together with a predefined process informs of any violation of the monitored space.
  • Touch support: The wall touch units can be used in any office space for simple, intuitive operation. These units can be operated either manually or with predefined scenarios
  • Localization: System localization of people in an area with active smart cards. The system is used by other systems such as Future Office.: lighting control system, air conditioning, heating / cooling etc. Thanks to localization it can easily help manage the evacuation, and the security of critical parts of the building.
  • Phone: In the context of a shared space reservation can control by the device via teleconference: scenes can be set in the reservation system when entering the room or the iNELS touch panel or application via smartphone or tablet.
  • Measuring electrical consumption: In the cloud you can find the monitoring of the measured energy such as electricity, gas, water, and heat / steam pipeline. The advantage is speed, both wired and wireless installation. Easily accessible and transparent data on energy consumption and the related evaluation, along with savings.
  • Access system: Thanks to our Audio / Video system, which iNELS has, it can control the audio or video device placed in shared areas. The big advantage is the possibility to start a slideshow from a shared network area and not have to dig around to connect and set up your own laptop.
  • Input system: The proper management system upon entering the building / area is crucial for the safety of people and property. Installing RFID reader cards can provide access only to authorized persons to each zone, even with a connection to the existing identity management systems. The reader may also be associated with performing certain scenes in the work place of the employee. The input system is integrated alongside lighting, heating / cooling, etc. in a single iNELS environment.
  • Dashboard: The evaluation and monitoring of data. It is the central evaluation of data coming from various devices and sensors. The system allows personalization of imaging and various data for individual employees. A simple user interface, reporting and monitoring changes in the system.
  • Reservation system: Modern office space where a number of shared meeting space are used, for clarity of occupancy of the premises the reservation system is used. This is connected with calendaring (email) and the identification system of the company. You can book individual rooms, together with the input system which controls entry to these areas and share information on the LCD panels and other devices. The system also triggers predefined scenarios chosen by and for the worker when booking (presentations, teleconferences, meetings, etc.).
  • Ventilation – Ventilation is controlled based on a motion detector. After switching off the lights in the bathroom, the fan switches off. It neither disturbs nor awakens others.
  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning) – iNELS can handle control of central heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems too. Via a Connection server, it is possible to communicate with up to 15 types of the most popular HVAC systems, and others can be custom-implemented. Control of heating is possible from local controllers or centrally.
  • Air Filter: Ventilation controls each space through evaluation of the collected data. The ventilation is based on air quality, the presence of more people and interaction with heating and cooling. With this it is easy to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and maintain the desired comfort level.
  • Air can be controlled using the pre-set scenarios and interactive panels.