Building Management System

We are partnered with world’s Top-notch companies in India for Building Management Systems. The detailed features and benefits are explained below.

The Company’s line of building management systems includes a product for every control need, from a remedy for a problem area in an existing building to a comprehensive system for a major complex or campus. Our building management system capabilities and features include:

  • Scheduling for weekdays and holidays
  • After-hours usage tracking
  • Management reports and logs
  • Dynamic and interactive color graphics
  • Direct digital control and custom programming routines
  • Comfort monitoring by zone
  • Energy-saving software including chiller plant control, demand limiting, optimal start/stop, and night setback
  • Operator interface that is easy to learn and use
  • Architecturally compatible, ergonomic design is unique in its ability to offer total Integrated Comfort systems, HVAC, controls, and building management from a single source.