Smart home is for everyone – even or those with the already built home.

We are partnered with iNELS RF which is wireless installation and can be expanded anytime you wish! It is not just for home, we have control system for shopping malls, hospitals, airports, offices and even for castles!

The Solution overview and Benefits

What can I control ?

  • Lighting – Not only dimming to the required level, but also setting light scenes for every occasion. Time delay for switching on light – automatic staircase switch. Dimming various light sources including LED lamps and RGB strips.
  • Blinds – Blinds, gates and awnings can be controlled by any system controller, including applications. One advantage is setting the time control in the weekly mode. It is also possible to control blinds automatically in response to sunlight intensity.
  • Switching – You can switch on or off practically any electric appliance that is connected to the socket, an installation box or a cabinet
  • Heating – It is possible to set the temperature in each room using a single button or application. Switching units or a wireless thermovalve then regulate the heating source, which may be water, electricity or alternative sources.
  • All off – With a single button, it is possible to switch off all devices, dim the lights, pull down blinds and bring the apartment or house into night or exit mode.
  • Video camera – It is possible to connect up to nine video cameras wirelessly and view them in smartphone applications, which can also be used to control the video cameras.