Enabling Industrial IOT with Intelligent Automation

Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing worldwide. Factory management needs assistance as they either upgrade existing facilities or establish new ones that take advantage of the Industry 4.0 optimization. Our solution architecture enables the development of intelligent factory solution with the use of sensors, edge intelligent gateways, IIOT software platforms, and IIOT ready solution suite.

Our ready to deploy solution facilitate machine connection without affecting the existing process & equipment, allowing for collection of equipment status data, production data, and environmental data. Data acquisition enables production monitoring, data integration with MES, and visualization on the dashboard for production optimization and data driven decision making.

Improve: Together, we increase the value of your processes on a data-driven basis through the use of our advanced analytic and machine learning toolkit to interpret the collected data.

Design : We reduce complexity by designing a clear and user-friendly workflow with you. Dashboards, reports. Export functionalities and alarm management are tailored to your application.

Analyze : We apply our process knowledge to use machine learning and AI for the purpose of analyzing and organizing your data. Together, we maximize your window for decision making by increasing the transparency of your assets, predicting future maintenance and preventive downtime.

Connect : Connect and manage the full variety of data from your assets, production lines or entire plants. Intelligent edge processing allows for secure and optimized assets and factory data for streaming to the cloud.

Co-Create : The entire project is based on collaborative co-creation. Fully involving stakeholders in a co-creative process brings diverse perspectives, increases the quality of ideas and instills ownership. Co-creation is the driver for change innovation.