Probiz has a wide range of bio-metric products to suit your requirements based on finger print, palm, face and Iris recognition. Our bio-metric solutions are highly reliable and having many years successful experience for various conditions.

The Broadway 3D is the first device in the world capable of visually identifying a person as easily as humans identify each other. Identification takes a split second. Walk or even run past, simply glance at the device and it will “remember” and recognize the identity of one of the tens of thousands of previously registered people. Unlike other biometrics, the 3D face doesn’t require direct physical contact or exact positioning in front of the identification device. The Broadway 3D identifies walking or even running people regardless of their age or height.

Similar to humans, the device is equipped with a 3D vision system, which “remembers” the unique three-dimensional shape of the face. Unlike human vision, however, the device is able to differentiate nuanced geometry with accuracy of up to fractions of a millimeter, enabling it to tell apart identical twins and making the Broadway 3D one of the most accurate biometric devices.